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Apr 12 2012

Kodak Zi8, Good starter Camera for YouTube, and online video

The Kodak Zi8 digital camcorder is one of the best starter cameras for YouTube because it turns on fast, is easy to use, and light, so you won’t miss much of the action if you are trying to record a live event like a sports game, car racing, or funny animal tricks. 

I have been using the Kodak Zi8 digital camcorder to record many of my regular videos on to record my computer hardware video, and the Zi8 works great at recording close up videos with its macro function and image stabilization to make close up videos more clear.  

It also has a built-in USB port to make it more convenient to transfer your video files to a computer with USB ports, or you can pop out the SD memory card to put in your computer or laptop SD card reader to transfer files to it.

You can upload video in 480P, 720P, 720P 60FPS, and 1080P video. It also can take 5 Megapixel pictures with its camera.

The Koday Zi8 is also customizable since I can use different size of SD cards like 2GB to 8GB or more. The Zi8 uses SD memory cards to record video to.

It records video as MOV video file, so you can upload directly to YouTube after you transfer it to a computer with internet access. You can also use Windows Live Movie Maker, iMovie, and other video editors which supports MOV file editing to edit your videos. 

The battery is also replaceable, so you can change out battery with a full one if the battery runs out, and you don’t have access to an electrical outet to charge it.

Charging the battery with the charger also takes only a few hours. 

I like the Kodak Zi8 because it is simple and compact to use like a digital camera, but there is no learning curve since using the Zi8 is like using a point and shoot digital camera.

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