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Jan 04 2013

News Reader Apps, a great way to quickly read news online for tablets and smartphones!

Using News Reader apps like Google Reader, gReader, Flipboard, Pulse News, and other news readers are the best way to read the news on a tablet or smartphone because they are easy to use, fast, and the reading layout is optimize for mobile devices like eReaders, Tablets, and Smartphone.

Read about My Top Free News Reader Apps for Google Android in 2013

They are easy to use because Google Android have Google Currents which comes bundled with your phone or tablet in many cases, or you can download it from the Google Play App store. News Reader Apps like Flipboard, Pulse, and Feedly are both available for Android and Apple iPhone and iPad. You just need to install them, and pick blogs, and news sites which you want to read, or sign into Google Reader from the app to download your subscriptions, and everytime you open your news reader app, your subscriptions are ready for you to read. Changing pages, and reading from different subscriptions is also easy to do, all you need to do is hit the back button, or swipe your finger to the left or right to change the page.

Mobile News Readers are fast because they are made for mobile phones and tablets, so there are no huge ads, big images, and other features which can slow down a phone or tablet like some desktop websites because desktop websites are made for desktop computers, and not slower mobile phones and tablets.

Mobile news readers usually make the font size bigger, so it is easy to read on a smaller screens found on mobile phones, and tablets. Plus, you can easily change the page and articles by swiping your finger to the left or right. To change your news subscriptions, you just hit the menu or back button to pick another subscriptions which you are subscribed to already.

As people get more familiar with mobile smartphones, tablets, and the apps they can run, the popularity of mobile news reader apps will rise as the main way many people read the news from the internet.

Flipboard, and Pulse News already have millions of downloads on both iOS and Google Android mobile operating system.

Oct 05 2012

My most common simple way I fix dropped wireless signal on my wireless router

Occasionally, my wireless router drops it connection from the internet and home network, but it is easy to reconnect my router in seconds without even opening it, or going into the router’s control panel with a web browser.

My most common way for re-connecting my wireless signal back online is just unplugging it from the wall’s power for a few seconds, and usually get my wireless signal back again when I plug it back into the wall’s power,  it usually reconnects to the internet again.

If you want a more advance fix, you can change the wireless channel on your router’s control panel by using your web browser, and make sure your router is in an area which it is not cramped against other things, so it can be cool by the surrounding air. Although, changing the channel of your wireless router, or making sure your router is not overheating might not fix your wireless disconnection problem. Replacing your wireless router would be a more permanent fix since new routers are less likely to disconnect, and you can exchange them if it does disconnect randomly,

 Tips on reconnecting wireless signal which are disconnected from wireless routers 

Sep 27 2012

Been using LXDE Desktop Environment on Ubuntu / Lubuntu since Ubuntu 11.04 Unity

I have been using LXDE on Ubuntu Linux which is also called Lubuntu since Ubuntu 11.04 Unity was released because I needed a lightweight desktop environment which also has a minimal theme which let me use more of my screen space then having a sidebar, and toolbar use up more space.

I like the LXDE theme because it is fast, easy to use, and nice looking. It also seem a little faster then the Gnome theme which came with Ubuntu 10.04 and below.

The LXDE theme is similar to the Windows 95-XP theme, but made for Linux operating systems, so using the theme won’t be as hard to learn for people who are used to Windows.

I find using the program launcher on the bottom left of the screen a lot simpler then the Startmenu in Windows because  programs are categorize by type like games, Internet, Office, Sound and Video, etc while with Windows all the programs are just listed in the start menu with no categories by default, and you need to browse, and search for programs manually in the startmenu or on your desktop.

With the LXDE Desktop Environment, I can customize it like adding a desktop wallpaper image, changing the color of the windows, taskbar, scrollbar, and more like other desktop operating systems like Windows.

The LXDE theme is a great desktop theme for users with slower computers, laptops which have poor battery life, or a computer which need a lot of free RAM and CPU cycles for gaming, using as a server, multitasking, virtual PC, or video rendering where having more free RAM, and CPU cycles will make programs run faster.

You can install the LXDE theme in Ubuntu Linux by searching the software center for LXDE, and installing it. The next time you login to Ubuntu, pick LXDE instead of the default Ubuntu Environment in the login screen, and after you have login, you would be using the LXDE theme.

Sep 19 2012

How to protect your computer from power surges?

Power surges are spikes in your home power. Power surges damage your computer, electronics, and appliances by frying parts on your electronics like silicon chips, resisters, and circuits.

It is very easy to protect your computer, electronics, and appliances from power surges. You just need to plug your electronics, and computers into a surge protected power bar  which can cost as little as 10 dollars or less  for a quality surge protector which will protect you from power surges when you plug your surge protector into your power outlet, and electronics and PC into the surge protected power outlets on the surge protector. Surge protector also give you a few extra outlets for you to plug in more electronics to supply them with power, and protect them from power surges.

Belkin, APC, Cyber Power, Tripplite, and Monster make pretty good surge protectors which work very well at protecting your electronics, computers, and appliances from power surges.

Sep 09 2012

Ways to protect your computer from static electricity when fixing or upgrading it!

Static electricity zapping your computer, and your computer parts can permanently break your PC, and parts, but with a few simple antistatic ESD tools like an Anti-static Wrist Strap connected to an unpainted metal surface like the power supply case (the big grey box with the wires hanging out of it) which is found inside your PC case, you would be safe from zapping your PC with static.

The first thing you can do is pick to upgrade your computer during the summer when the humidity is higher, and the air is less dry. You can also buy a humidifier to make your air less dry. Dry air tends to create static easier. There is more dry air during the cold summer. You can also fix your computer in the garage, kitchen, and other non-carpeted area because carpet can create more static when you rub your feet against them.

When working on your computer unplug it from your wall, and unplug all the cables on the back of your PC for safety reasons to prevent electrocution of yourself, and damage to your PC.

Wearing an Anti-static wrist strap connected to a unpainted metal surface would ground yourself from static electricity which is also called electrostatic discharge/ESD. There are also antistatic gloves, mats, shoes, sprays and bags which prevent static from zapping your computer parts.

Also, wearing a T-shirt or rolling up your sleeve to fix your computer can also prevent static from your clothing or generating from your clothing from zapping your computer parts with Static electricity.

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